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VERMAKTIV Stimul is a liquid auxiliary plant product, acid alcoholic-aqueous extract of vermicompost.  

It also contains enzymes, phytostimulators, humic substances, amino acids, cytokinins, auxins, and other substances, such as anthranilic acid, aminoacetic acid and trace elements. It improves the condition of plants and, thus, increases their resistance to adverse effects, enhances rooting, growth, blooming and the amount of stock substances.  It has a positive effect on seed germination and plant emergence.

VERMAKTIV Stimul does not contain an effective amount of nutrients and does not substitute fertilizers.

Renovation and vitalization of saline, toxically contaminated or over-fertilized soil by using Vermaktiv Stimul which is, during plant spraying, applied to topsoil or is washed onto it by rain, causes a population explosion of soil bacteria, enzymatic reactions, and acceleration of decomposition processes, accompanied by an increased formation of the humus layer. By decomposition and by bonding to organic substances, it degrades synthetic fertilizers, toxic organic compounds and insoluble inorganic matters (causing soil salinization) and, thus, it directly enhances plant nutrition, contributes to soil desalination, and improves soil quality.









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